How To Wear Military Fashion – Tips for Men & Women

Male military style

Military style is one of those trends that never seems to fade out. There’s something about the infinite combinations and contrasts available when you mix military style pieces with your everyday fashion that makes it an exciting and edgy look in almost every case. The key is probably to avoid going completely overboard – you don’t want to look like you just dropped out of a helicopter when you’re walking down the high street – but at the same time incorporate something that transforms a basic look into something impressive.

There are so many ways to incorporate military style into your casual and even formal looks, all with different outcomes. For example, for a real statement piece you might incorporate modern army clothing from army surplus stores into your everyday outfit, perhaps including camouflage pieces, utility belts and accessories or even headgear. Alternatively you could look to more antique military looks for inspiration, like the ever-popular Napoleonic look – oversized, stiff jackets, high boots, and accessories with a majestic royal flair.

Ladies military fashion

A more subtle option might be more influenced by the fashion of the WWII era, with less explicit military connotations but still heavily influenced by the atmosphere at the time. Practical, functional and restrained: the core features of style at the time result in a sharp look that has never gone out of fashion. Structured jackets and uniform-like ensembles can work well however you choose to wear them – either opt for a plain and strict look with no embellishment, or add functional belts and accessories to put more focus on the finer details. The key is to balance utility with understated style.

Colours are as important as anything when putting together your own unique military-inspired looks. Muted steel greys are a staple, and a near-monochromatic scheme can really accentuate the dramatic outline of a 1940’s-inspired ensemble in particular. For a more modern approach, khaki shades are an essential and can allow you to combine other pieces with your military elements for a cohesive finished outfit.

Straight-up camouflage always makes an impact, especially for unusual items and different shaped jackets. Even alternatives like leopard print in the place of camo can look great for these pieces, if you can track them down. Don’t be afraid to base your look around a single statement piece inspired by the military look, and contrast it with one of your usual smart looks or even a casual or party outfit.

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