How to wear colour jeans

Colour jeans are again back on trend. They have been on trend back in the years, but they are now getting popular this year. So why the demand? Well coloured jeans aren’t only known for being trendy, but they also look somewhat cool and stylish too. They are most popular with young people who are into fashion. Although they are very fun to wear and also versatile, you might find some difficulties with pairing them and making them work. So we’ve decided to help you with the following tips on how to make them work with your outfit.

Pastel Colour

The pastel colour trend is currently at its highest peak this year. The trend is known as ‘colour blocking’ where you wear a pastel colour paired with a very bright colour. They are wearable and can give your outfit a fresh look.

Grunge look

Believe it or not, you can pair coloured jeans with dark and grunge pieces. Using some detailed accessory like studs be worn with the jeans. You can even customise your jeans with patches or do a distressed DIY by ripping some small parts of your jeans. Adding some boots to the whole outfit will also give a touch of edginess.


Coloured jeans in green, grey, blue, purple, yellow or brown can easily be paired with a white top and plain trainers. This is a great option to wear for summer as it gives off a cool and fresh vibe. Another tip is to wear coloured jeans with black pieces.


Pairing the jeans with a white blazer can make you look more trendy. Make sure to finish the look with some fine leather patent shoes or a loafer.

Our very last important tip is not to be afraid to wear coloured jeans and get creative with different looks and colours as well. We hope that the tips provided were useful for your next look.

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