The Best Fashion Apps

fashion Trends in the fashion industry are always changing, and for a fashion fanatic, it’s essential to keep up to date with what’s new. Technology has made it possible to keep up with trends in different ways. For instance, we have access to fashion news online. Of course, mobile apps are also coming into play and guess what?  Apps are also essential for keeping up to date with the fashion trends. Let’s look at the following apps below.


Pinterest is a social media app filled with lots of interesting stuff including fashion trends. What’s great about Pinterest is being able to pin any images you like. Most pictures may sometimes come with an article or blog related to fashion. It’s free to use and can be viewed on any devices.


Polyvore app is an all-rounder and comes with plenty of functionalities including discussions, ideas, customisation and links to online shops. Polyvore users can join discussions in the fashion community and even share their fashion ideas with other users. It also allows users to create their fashion board where they can have a collage of outfit ideas. The app can be accessed on your desktop and download through the Google Play Store.


You’ll be able to find the latest fashion blogs, articles and trends on this app. It’s filled with hundreds of information related to fashion. The app is also integrated with other social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others. So blogs and images can easily be shared through different social media platforms.

The Hunt

The hunt is an app for online shopping. What’s unique about this app is that it will recommend you the same product you’re looking for but for a much lower price. Members can also suggest you with similar or cheaper items. It’s the perfect app for fashionistas who are looking for a bargain!

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