Summer Trends

summer trendsNow that winter is finally over, and summer has arrived, it’s time to update our wardrobes and get ready for the hot weather. When shopping for summer clothes, it’s ideal to have an idea of what pieces would be great for warm weather. To give you more ideas, we’ve provided some of the most worn pieces in summer.


Satin is a soft fabric that’s perfect for summer. You want to wear clothes that will cool you and not make you too hot or sweaty. Satin dresses can be worn during the day and in the night. To achieve a more casual look, you can also pair a satin cami top with a denim short or jeans. 


Add some shades of colour by opting in for pastel tones. Pastel is much more wearable compared to full-on bright colours. They go with almost anything. They’ve also been recently used in catwalks, and it’s becoming a significant trend for summer. We recommend trying our pink, blue and lilac pastels.

Maxi skirts

A maxi skirt will be suitable for hot days where there are lots of winds. It’s also great for women whose not too comfortable with overexposing their legs. A maxi skirt can be paired up with denim or leather jackets.  


A jumpsuit is perfect for lazy days. Just put on your shirt and a jumpsuit, and you’re ready to go. The style is casual and laid back for summer time.

High waisted

High waisted has come back in style ever since the mom jeans made its return. Now high waisted can be seen in almost different fashion garments such as jeans, shorts, leather and trousers. They can be easily paired with a cropped top. They can even be paired with regular tops that are tucked in.

T-shirt dress

T-shirt dress is more casual compared to an actual summer dress. The t-shirt dress is almost as if you’re wearing a long t-shirt just above or below your knees. Just like the jumpsuit, it’s also perfect for going to the beach or simply strolling around the park.

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