The iconic retro trend


The retro style was born in the 1960s, and during this era, it has made a significant influence in music, film and fashion. Since then retro has remained an inspiration in today’s trends including fashion, furniture, house designs, packaging, art, interior design and much more. Due to its history, the retro style became iconic throughout the years, and it has never really gone out of style.

Fashion history

Back in the 1960s, fashion was a big influence for many young generations. Many teenagers were already working at the age of 15. Therefore most of them were able to spend their money on clothes. Due to the popularity of the fashion at that time, the retro trend suddenly bloomed and became the trend for many young adults and teenagers.

60s Fashion Trends

The retro iconic look was highly fashionable for both women and men as well. Women will tend to wear the shabby chic or the Sassoon look. A shabby chic will consist of wearing a mini skirt, knee length boots and finished with a short angular haircut. The Sassoon looks tend to be a bit more glamorous and classier. As for the men, they used to wear slim suits, skinny ties paired with brogue leather shoes.

Retro colors

The retro highlighted both dark and light colours of the spectrum. The dark colours including purple, red and green were the most favourable at that time. But for fashionista’s who were looking to make a statement they tend to wear light pastel colours and bright neon colours.

Shopping for retro clothes

Still today, retro clothes are still available in many places. For instance, many online or high street retailers are still creating trends that are inspired by the 60s. However, old retro clothes are still available in stores like charities, second-hand shops or a vintage boutique.

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