The Most Iconic Celebrity Looks

Today’s celebrities are certainly important influencers in the fashion world. In a sense, their reach feels wider than ever – if someone tries out a new look, they can share it with millions in literally seconds at the touch of a button. But when it comes to real, long-term influence over the entire fashion industry, we really have to look back at the originals. Here are some of our favourite celebrity fashion icons and the looks they undeniably made staples of our wardrobes for decades to come.

Audrey Hepburn – The LBD Look

Audrey Hepburn

Holly Golightly’s fashion sense blew people away just as much as Audrey’s legendary performance as the Breakfast at Tiffany’s protagonist. The Little Black Dress has been an undying phenomenon from that moment, never out of style for a moment, and it can all be traced back to her original styling of it – complete with oversized pearls, Chanel sunglasses and fabulous up-do.

Diana Ross – The Diva Look

Whatever direction she steered her personal style in, Diana Ross considerably glammed up Motown with her outlandish yet classy ensembles, both on stage and behind the scenes. She embraced big jewellery, bigger wigs and everything that made the biggest divas sparkle for decades to come.

Jackie Kennedy – The Conservative Look

Former FLOTUS Jackie Kennedy redefined the conservative American woman’s wardrobe, adding an incredible sense of style to every smart look in the book. Her iconic hats and suits showed the infinite potential of even the simplest outfits if you know how to style them like she did.

Madonna – The Designer Pop Icon Look

MadonnaFrom Madonna’s early days as a casual fashion rebel with an androgynous and definitively ‘80s signature style, she then embarked on what would become an endless series of style reinventions. Befriending all the top designers of the era, she started incorporating high fashion into her stage costumes before anyone else, directly leading to the incredible fashion spectacles we expect from all female pop icons today. She’s tried everything from the Jean Paul Gautier cone bra corset back in 1990 to the bespoke Armani cape that caused her infamous Brit Awards fall in 2015.

Marilyn Monroe – The Sexy Look

Pop culture icons don’t come much bigger than Marilyn, and rightly so when you consider the impact of her biggest contribution to fashion: sex appeal. Her iconic looks were pitched perfectly for her audience at the time – just classic and sophisticated enough to get away with, but racy enough to spend people crazy. At some point pretty much every girl finds herself wishing she could channel the effortless glamour that Marilyn brought into the mainstream media.

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