How to wear pearls


Pearls are a classy accessory, and it’s absolutely versatile to wear at any occasions. Pearls can easily bring a touch of elegance into any styles or clothes you wear. But how can you wear them with class? Some people tend to look at pearls as an old-fashioned accessory, but in fact, these gems can be wearable for many looks and outfits and thus makes them a timeless accessory. You can buy pearls in different colours or shapes which can be easily paired with various looks. To help you wear your pearls on different occasions, we’ve come up with the following tips below.


You can pair your pearls with a casual look. It all depends on what kind of pearl you are wearing and which style it would look the best. Make sure to look out for different types of pearls on the market. You can pair a pastel coloured gems with a pair of blue jeans and a simple white shirt. This will make your outfit stand out more and make your outfit a little chicer.


A pair of cream pearls can easily be styled with your work outfit, especially with blazers or a midi skirt. The pearls can complement the overall look and can give off a polished look at the same time. The tip here is to wear a very minimal pearl to maintain the professional look of your attire.

Formal Occasions

Wearing pearls are perfect for formal occasions as it gives you a classic and elegant vibe on any formal dress. With formal occasions, pearls can make your outfit look glamorous or bold. If you are going for the bold look, we advise on wearing a medium sized pearls necklace as this can make a statement on a simple dress.


Pearls are a very popular choice of accessory for weddings. They can be easily paired with a white dress, and it also brings a very romantic look with an up-do hairstyle. Wedding dress tends to be simple which makes it a great pair for pearls accessory.

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