How to Try a Different Fashion Style

fashion prints

Many people tend to stick with their usual fashion style. Now that it’s summer why not get out of your comfort zone by trying out a completely different look. Whether your bored with your current look or want to try new trends, we recommend the following tips below on how to get out of your comfort zone by switching your style completely.


Instead of going for plain tops and trousers why not jazz it up with different print designs? Prints are coming back on trend, and there’s plenty of designs to choose from. Choose from Aztec, zebra, snake, leopard, floral, stripes, dots and many others. You can mix and match the prints or pair them with a plain item to make your print stand out even more.


If you tend to stick with dark colours, try a pop of colour next time. You can start off by adding one colour at a time. This could mean adding a brighter tone on your accessories or simply using a different colour on one clothing item. Once you feel comfortable wearing different colours, you can start to experiment by pairing different shades together and see which colours go well together.


black dressIt’s time to try out different types of denim. If you tend to stick to one style of denim, let say skinny jeans, you may want to try flare jeans next time. Other kinds of denim you can choose from including high waisted denim jeans and culottes.

All black

The all-black theme is easy to pull off, and it’s the easiest way to look classy and polished. It’s also perfect for people who are busy as it can easily be paired with other black fashion pieces. To look more polished in black, you can always add a gold accessory to complete the look.

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