How to be fashionable at work


Do you ever feel bored wearing the same clothes to work every day? Why not get creative using our tips to help you look stylish at work. Below are some ideas you can wear to ensure you never look dull at work!

Careless chic

For people who wants to look fashionable but casual at the same time, then this look is for you. This chic look is a mix of street style with a blend of simplicity. The tip is to mix both feminine and masculine items together. An example would be a masculine top with added heels.

Eccentric look

Eccentric looks will mostly fit the ladies who work in a creative job. Therefore the tip for this look is by wearing a simple look with a touch of a statement item that stands out. For examples, colourful prints and large accessories can easily make you look edgy.


Sophistication is all about looking fun but classy at the same time. The tip for this style is wearing bold items and a mix of bold pattern or prints. With a blend of fun, make sure you add a splash of your personality to the finish look.


The glamorous looks are worn by many independent women who are not afraid to go all out. The main tips for looking glamorous is by wearing any items including fur coats, gold accessories, glamorous heels, silky fabrics, leather clutch, expensive perfume or any other luxury brands.

Simple feminine

The feminine look is all about knee length skirts and keeping it simple. So pair up that skirt with either a button up, turtleneck or a full shoulder length blazer. Finally, make sure to keep it minimal by wearing small pieces of jewellery.

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