Experiment with T-shirt Screen Printing


When it comes to fashion, standing out and creating your own unique style that people recognise and respect really hinges on experimenting with whatever your imagination can conjure up. It’s one thing to have the latest designer clothes straight off the rack, but carving out your own signature style requires some more individuality. For a casual style that makes a statement, why not look into t-shirt screen printing to get your own designs onto a garment to complete your outfit?

We’re not necessarily talking about basic designs here, with small pictures on plain white clothes. Sure, you can go for that if it works, but the beauty of screen printed clothing is that you can easily and affordably get the entire garment covered in a full colour design of your choice, which is much better for fashion-first amateur designers. Even cheap t-shirt screen printing services can have great results and tend to be fairly flexible in what they can offer you.

In general, you’ll also find it’s much less costly if you’re able to order bulk screen printed t-shirts, hoodies or other garments. The costs of the clothes themselves are of course much lower if you’re buying multiples of the same, plus the marginal costs to the printer of each consecutive item are way lower and they’ll pass this saving onto you.

This is excellent news for new designers who are starting small with their own range, but have customers lined up to sell their designs onto for a profit. Your customised fashion designs could really transform basic items of clothing into desirable and edgy casualwear, and start making you money in the process! We highly recommend giving it a go if you find yourself wishing the clothes on the high street were more up your street. It’s easy to get started and you might be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the finished items if you choose a reputable screen printer.

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