Celebrity Street Style Queens of 2016

Gwen StefaniIt’s one thing to judge our favourite celebrities based on the outfits they rock when attending massive red carpet events. A great deal of professional planning probably went into that look! But when it comes to street style, most of our famous friends aren’t afraid to step out in their own ensembles, without a stylist in sight. A few of our favourite stars have totally got this down to a fine art – here are just a few of them.

Kim Kardashian – Kim has had her fair share of moments ball-dropping fashion faux pas, and her pregnancies have both been iconic periods for spectacularly bad outfit choices. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that she serves up casual street style on a whole new level practically every week. She knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to fashion, and we all know it.

Gwen Stefani – Gwen’s incredible sense of style has had her praised throughout the past two decades, and she still pulls off any trend she turns her hand to without looking a day over 20. In our opinion, she would still look better than your average supermodel if she threw on a potato sack and rolled down the street singing Hollaback Girl. Gwen’s street style is the only thing that arguably tops her glamorous red carpet wardrobe.

Jessica AlbaNicole Ritchie – Having more or less shed her image as “Paris Hilton’s best friend” by launching herself headfirst into the world of fashion, Nicole regularly proves that she’s earned her place as a style queen, especially away from the red carpet. She manages to look super glam in every situation without looking overdressed: a pretty impressive feat.

Jessica Alba – The formerly blonde actress has been serving brunette in spectacular style recently. She also really knows how to put together an incredible casual look – just throw her some thigh-high boots and a dark plum lip, and she can pull off anything.

The Olsen Twins – Ashley takes the crown for street style, we have to admit, thanks to her natural flair for turning any ensemble into a high fashion statement. Mary-Kate is usually a little more quirky and has a few more misses to her name, but together the pair are unstoppable with their cohesive gothic-chic street looks.

Solange Knowles – Beyoncé. There, we said her sister’s name, now let’s move on. Solange is the definition of underrated, a multi-talented woman with charisma and style for days. Her musical reputation may pale in comparison to the Queen B’s, but if anyone can beat her when it comes to fashion it’s definitely Solange. She’s known for her vibrant and colourful looks, usually opting for something like a relatively simple jacket and dress combo but packing such a punch with it that Jay Z probably feels like ducking behind the nearest corner.


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