Wearing Plus Size Coats

Plus size coats are very stylish and get plus size women ever ready for cold weather. It is a definite part of winter outfits which is ideal for different occasions. There are few sorts of coats and tips that plus size women should remember before shopping for coats and wearing them. Choose the right kind of fabric for your need. There are a lot of coat fabric types you can choose from. Fabrics can be cotton blend, wool, tweed, fleece, down fur, leather or suede. Depending on how they may comfort the wearer because sometimes, there are women who allergic to a certain type of fabric. Each of the fabric types has its own price, maintenance and quality.


Plus size coats that are cotton blend or 100% cotton are light and soft which make it less suitable for keeping the body warm. These kinds of coats are good to wear during summer season. Plus size coats that are made of wool are the most preferred kind of coat for winter. It keeps the body warm. It has a classic style cut so it can expensive compared with cotton. Some wool made plus size coats are scratchier so better check it before buying.

Tweed as a fabric used in plus size coats are good for winter just like wool because it gives warmth. It has style that gives finishing touches to your outfit and making it fabulous. Find the perfect coat for your body type. For plus sized women, it is better to wear plus size coats that have layers like a sweater or knitted coats. It is important that it is comfortable to wear and looks fabulous on you. The silhouette should be roomier or sized up. Too much room is not good.

Upon fitting your coat, it is an imperative to check carefully if you can move freely like walking and reaching. It is a way of testing your mobility that will make you comfortable. Choose plus size coats that are graceful and are not too wide or big for you. The sleeves should be an inch past the wrist bone to cover enough the arms while moving.


All plus size women have their own body shape so it is important to check out plus size coats that not only fit but looks trendy. For pear shape and round shape figured women, choose a trench or long coat that is wide on the mid-section or hips.For those who are petite and have short legs, it is better to avoid oversized coats that will almost cover the whole body. A coat with at least above the knee length that will fit the body’s width is the best. If there are coats that fit but are too long, bring them to the tailors and have them altered. For apple shape and rectangle figure, large upper arms can be flattered by wearing stretched coats or coats with Dolman or Kimono sleeves.

Plus size coats are quite fashionable. Plus size women should find the coats that not only fit them but are also comfortable to wear and flatter their curves, making them look classy.

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Review of the Oscars

Once more, the event of the year makes the headlines of every paper, magazine and website. The news not only talks about the “big winners” and “big losers”, for only this ONE time, they also gossip about the outfits and jewellery. That is the moment when STYLE receives the importance it deserves. We’ll take a look at the protagonists of the night and give our very own awards to best and worst dressed. I have been listening to and reading LOADS of info about everything on the Oscars, so now I’m MORE than informed to get to it.

To start this review of the Oscars, I would like to “undo” things a little. This is absolutely out of protocol, but I’m going have to start with men. There’s not really much to say about them, but I feel the need to stand up in behalf of all men and tell the world that we GUYS know how to dress and can look as good —or sometimes better than the girls. But this year was no different, and tuxedos were all over the place —perhaps a homage to Happy Feet. These four guys below were the only ones that actually looked elegant to me on their ever-lasting blazers. They are the living proof of man elegance.


Leonardo DiCaprio looks always GREAT in his Armani tuxedo, but this time Clive Owen and Ryan Gosling joined him. I have no idea —yet— of what the two of them are wearing, but I don’t think we’ll be surprised anyway. This said, we can proceed to women’s wear. This time the ladies have kept it kind of simple —no big bows or huge flares. And, well, I really missed Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron who always look über-stunning. But this has been, by far, the most elegant Oscars gala ever, like in the OLD times! Here we go with THE dresses. Of course, the Queen of the night, Helen Mirren, looked SO sexy at 70. She wore a gorgeous and very elegant Lacroix in champagne and glimpses of silver and Chopard jewels. This lady has pure elegance running through her veins; she would have even looked stunning with in a tracksuit “à-la-Paris-Hilton”.

Apart from the last-moment problems with her Galliano —which has created a whole new level of pointless gossip in Spain, Penélope Cruz really pulled it off with an amazing pale pink Versace culminated on the bottom with feathers in the same colour and ALSO Chopard on her ears and wrist. But we could notice her last-minute change in her make-up and hair, which obviously were not meant for that dress. One way or another, she looked gorgeous. Lady-in-red Nicole Kidman decided to keep a confusing low-profile this time and wear a red-Valentino dress with a bow on the neck which was actually Balenciaga. I have to admit that even when I don’t really like her, she does look great in that gown. Red is THE colour for this coming season and looks très bien on her. Vera Wang was responsible for Rachel Weisz’s SUPERB dress, the diamond lace looked just amazing both with the rest of the jewels and the dress, which also matched her skin tone perfectly. You can also notice a mixture of fabrics and shines in the bottom back. It really came as a surprise to me that the dress was Wang, but it was a great surprise.


Beyoncé Knowles wore a gorgeous Armani Privé with marine inspiration and a hUUUge split. That’s too bad for Armani that it looked like all three Destiny’s Child had squeezed into the gown. Poor Giorgio —I’m sure he fainted backstage. Pregnancy has left Maggie Gyllenhall in very good shape and so, she looked really stylish in the black & blue Proenza Schouler that she chose. The colour was VERY S/S 2007 and the style kind of make me think of Armani, don’t know why though. Chanel dressed up Babel’s Rinko Kikuchi in a fantasy of glitter and black and provided her with fantastic jewellery too. There’s no need to explain Chanel; it’s just CHA-NEL. Blonde over the blondes, Gwyneth Paltrow premièred her even longer hair and wore a Zac Posen gown which looked just unbelievably GREAT on her! Looks like the Greek vibe once brought in by Gisele Bünchen when she was still with Leo DiCap is always a good choice and creases are never demodé.

Last year’s winner for Best Actress, Reese Witherspoon, kicked-off her new bachelorhood turning from angel to goddess with the Nina Ricci dream-dress she picked up. Her beauty speaks for itself.And last, and probably LEAST too, Jada Pinkett Smith, who was apparently very CONFUSED, thought it was Halloween, so she went for a Carolina-Herrera “Oscar costume”. Is she going to start giving away the “black-Oscars”?, that would be fun. In the meantime, we can enjoy her indescribable look. Stay tuned for our very own awards list!

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