How to Try a Different Fashion Style

fashion prints

Many people tend to stick with their usual fashion style. Now that it’s summer why not get out of your comfort zone by trying out a completely different look. Whether your bored with your current look or want to try new trends, we recommend the following tips below on how to get out of your comfort zone by switching your style completely.


Instead of going for plain tops and trousers why not jazz it up with different print designs? Prints are coming back on trend, and there’s plenty of designs to choose from. Choose from Aztec, zebra, snake, leopard, floral, stripes, dots and many others. You can mix and match the prints or pair them with a plain item to make your print stand out even more.


If you tend to stick with dark colours, try a pop of colour next time. You can start off by adding one colour at a time. This could mean adding a brighter tone on your accessories or simply using a different colour on one clothing item. Once you feel comfortable wearing different colours, you can start to experiment by pairing different shades together and see which colours go well together.


black dressIt’s time to try out different types of denim. If you tend to stick to one style of denim, let say skinny jeans, you may want to try flare jeans next time. Other kinds of denim you can choose from including high waisted denim jeans and culottes.

All black

The all-black theme is easy to pull off, and it’s the easiest way to look classy and polished. It’s also perfect for people who are busy as it can easily be paired with other black fashion pieces. To look more polished in black, you can always add a gold accessory to complete the look.

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How to wear colour jeans

Colour jeans are again back on trend. They have been on trend back in the years, but they are now getting popular this year. So why the demand? Well coloured jeans aren’t only known for being trendy, but they also look somewhat cool and stylish too. They are most popular with young people who are into fashion. Although they are very fun to wear and also versatile, you might find some difficulties with pairing them and making them work. So we’ve decided to help you with the following tips on how to make them work with your outfit.

Pastel Colour

The pastel colour trend is currently at its highest peak this year. The trend is known as ‘colour blocking’ where you wear a pastel colour paired with a very bright colour. They are wearable and can give your outfit a fresh look.

Grunge look

Believe it or not, you can pair coloured jeans with dark and grunge pieces. Using some detailed accessory like studs be worn with the jeans. You can even customise your jeans with patches or do a distressed DIY by ripping some small parts of your jeans. Adding some boots to the whole outfit will also give a touch of edginess.


Coloured jeans in green, grey, blue, purple, yellow or brown can easily be paired with a white top and plain trainers. This is a great option to wear for summer as it gives off a cool and fresh vibe. Another tip is to wear coloured jeans with black pieces.


Pairing the jeans with a white blazer can make you look more trendy. Make sure to finish the look with some fine leather patent shoes or a loafer.

Our very last important tip is not to be afraid to wear coloured jeans and get creative with different looks and colours as well. We hope that the tips provided were useful for your next look.

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How to be fashionable at work


Do you ever feel bored wearing the same clothes to work every day? Why not get creative using our tips to help you look stylish at work. Below are some ideas you can wear to ensure you never look dull at work!

Careless chic

For people who wants to look fashionable but casual at the same time, then this look is for you. This chic look is a mix of street style with a blend of simplicity. The tip is to mix both feminine and masculine items together. An example would be a masculine top with added heels.

Eccentric look

Eccentric looks will mostly fit the ladies who work in a creative job. Therefore the tip for this look is by wearing a simple look with a touch of a statement item that stands out. For examples, colourful prints and large accessories can easily make you look edgy.


Sophistication is all about looking fun but classy at the same time. The tip for this style is wearing bold items and a mix of bold pattern or prints. With a blend of fun, make sure you add a splash of your personality to the finish look.


The glamorous looks are worn by many independent women who are not afraid to go all out. The main tips for looking glamorous is by wearing any items including fur coats, gold accessories, glamorous heels, silky fabrics, leather clutch, expensive perfume or any other luxury brands.

Simple feminine

The feminine look is all about knee length skirts and keeping it simple. So pair up that skirt with either a button up, turtleneck or a full shoulder length blazer. Finally, make sure to keep it minimal by wearing small pieces of jewellery.

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The iconic retro trend


The retro style was born in the 1960s, and during this era, it has made a significant influence in music, film and fashion. Since then retro has remained an inspiration in today’s trends including fashion, furniture, house designs, packaging, art, interior design and much more. Due to its history, the retro style became iconic throughout the years, and it has never really gone out of style.

Fashion history

Back in the 1960s, fashion was a big influence for many young generations. Many teenagers were already working at the age of 15. Therefore most of them were able to spend their money on clothes. Due to the popularity of the fashion at that time, the retro trend suddenly bloomed and became the trend for many young adults and teenagers.

60s Fashion Trends

The retro iconic look was highly fashionable for both women and men as well. Women will tend to wear the shabby chic or the Sassoon look. A shabby chic will consist of wearing a mini skirt, knee length boots and finished with a short angular haircut. The Sassoon looks tend to be a bit more glamorous and classier. As for the men, they used to wear slim suits, skinny ties paired with brogue leather shoes.

Retro colors

The retro highlighted both dark and light colours of the spectrum. The dark colours including purple, red and green were the most favourable at that time. But for fashionista’s who were looking to make a statement they tend to wear light pastel colours and bright neon colours.

Shopping for retro clothes

Still today, retro clothes are still available in many places. For instance, many online or high street retailers are still creating trends that are inspired by the 60s. However, old retro clothes are still available in stores like charities, second-hand shops or a vintage boutique.

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How To Pull Off The 90’s Fashion Trend

It seems to take less and less time for fashion trends to come full circle and start appearing again on runways and retail racks. Fashion trends from the late 1990’s have fully taken hold over the last couple of years. It started with the occasional double-denim ensemble here, a Doc Marten there… now everyone with an interest in the latest trends seems to be rocking full on mid-90’s grunge, and pulling it off amazingly in a lot of cases.

90's fashion trendsBut how can you approach a style that just a few short years ago would almost certainly have landed you a spot on Fashion Police for all the wrong reasons? To really channel this messy era you need to think about the three main cornerstones of 90’s looks…

1) The clothes – Of course the pieces you select for your outfit are going to form the basis of it. There’s room for everything here – masculine, feminine, and preferably an androgynous mash-up of both. Oversized pieces are perfect for mixing and matching, although we can’t say the shapeless jeans and dresses of the true 90’s pioneers look quite right today. You’re looking for the aesthetic – the ripped denim, the pastel colours and edgy-but-kitsch contrast – but in clothes with a more modern fit.

2) The accessories – Here you can really go wild and throw whatever you like into the mix, as long as there’s not too much of it. You want to let the clothes speak for themselves for this look. Having said that, shoes are absolutely everything here. In a way you’re looking for the worst possible match for the rest of your outfit – try paring the most masculine boots you can find with the most delicate dress.

Cher - Clueless

3) The hair – Maybe some of the classic 90’s hairstyles still hold painful memories for too many of us (we don’t see “The Rachel” having a comeback for another 10 years at least), but the hair really finished off all the most iconic looks, from Cher in Clueless to Britney in …Baby One More Time. Above all else, do something as unique as your outfit.

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The Most Iconic Celebrity Looks

Today’s celebrities are certainly important influencers in the fashion world. In a sense, their reach feels wider than ever – if someone tries out a new look, they can share it with millions in literally seconds at the touch of a button. But when it comes to real, long-term influence over the entire fashion industry, we really have to look back at the originals. Here are some of our favourite celebrity fashion icons and the looks they undeniably made staples of our wardrobes for decades to come.

Audrey Hepburn – The LBD Look

Audrey Hepburn

Holly Golightly’s fashion sense blew people away just as much as Audrey’s legendary performance as the Breakfast at Tiffany’s protagonist. The Little Black Dress has been an undying phenomenon from that moment, never out of style for a moment, and it can all be traced back to her original styling of it – complete with oversized pearls, Chanel sunglasses and fabulous up-do.

Diana Ross – The Diva Look

Whatever direction she steered her personal style in, Diana Ross considerably glammed up Motown with her outlandish yet classy ensembles, both on stage and behind the scenes. She embraced big jewellery, bigger wigs and everything that made the biggest divas sparkle for decades to come.

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Celebrity Street Style Queens of 2016

Gwen StefaniIt’s one thing to judge our favourite celebrities based on the outfits they rock when attending massive red carpet events. A great deal of professional planning probably went into that look! But when it comes to street style, most of our famous friends aren’t afraid to step out in their own ensembles, without a stylist in sight. A few of our favourite stars have totally got this down to a fine art – here are just a few of them.

Kim Kardashian – Kim has had her fair share of moments ball-dropping fashion faux pas, and her pregnancies have both been iconic periods for spectacularly bad outfit choices. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that she serves up casual street style on a whole new level practically every week. She knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to fashion, and we all know it.

Gwen Stefani – Gwen’s incredible sense of style has had her praised throughout the past two decades, and she still pulls off any trend she turns her hand to without looking a day over 20. In our opinion, she would still look better than your average supermodel if she threw on a potato sack and rolled down the street singing Hollaback Girl. Gwen’s street style is the only thing that arguably tops her glamorous red carpet wardrobe.

Jessica AlbaNicole Ritchie – Having more or less shed her image as “Paris Hilton’s best friend” by launching herself headfirst into the world of fashion, Nicole regularly proves that she’s earned her place as a style queen, especially away from the red carpet. She manages to look super glam in every situation without looking overdressed: a pretty impressive feat.

Jessica Alba – The formerly blonde actress has been serving brunette in spectacular style recently. She also really knows how to put together an incredible casual look – just throw her some thigh-high boots and a dark plum lip, and she can pull off anything.

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Top Fashion Labels for Kids


We love our designer labels, but many of our favourite looks are pretty much only suitable for adults. Fortunately, many of our favourite designers from around the world now cater to young kids as well, offering top designerwear and footwear for boys and girls so the whole family can stay looking on point. Thanks to our fascination with celebrity idols and their personal lives, we see plenty of examples in the media of the best dressed kids from the wealthiest families. Want to recreate some of those looks? Look no further than our roundup of the top kids’ fashion designer labels.

Lamborghini – The junior range at Lamborghini is simple, sporty and stylish. The quality of the brand is reflected in the clothes and we really like the simplicity of the range. We have to say, though, our favourite pieces in the kids range might actually be the car-shaped suitcases.

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How To Wear Military Fashion – Tips for Men & Women

Male military style

Military style is one of those trends that never seems to fade out. There’s something about the infinite combinations and contrasts available when you mix military style pieces with your everyday fashion that makes it an exciting and edgy look in almost every case. The key is probably to avoid going completely overboard – you don’t want to look like you just dropped out of a helicopter when you’re walking down the high street – but at the same time incorporate something that transforms a basic look into something impressive.

There are so many ways to incorporate military style into your casual and even formal looks, all with different outcomes. For example, for a real statement piece you might incorporate modern army clothing from army surplus stores into your everyday outfit, perhaps including camouflage pieces, utility belts and accessories or even headgear. Alternatively you could look to more antique military looks for inspiration, like the ever-popular Napoleonic look – oversized, stiff jackets, high boots, and accessories with a majestic royal flair.

Ladies military fashion

A more subtle option might be more influenced by the fashion of the WWII era, with less explicit military connotations but still heavily influenced by the atmosphere at the time. Practical, functional and restrained: the core features of style at the time result in a sharp look that has never gone out of fashion. Structured jackets and uniform-like ensembles can work well however you choose to wear them – either opt for a plain and strict look with no embellishment, or add functional belts and accessories to put more focus on the finer details. The key is to balance utility with understated style.

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Best Tips for Buying Camisoles

Camisoles are an essential wardrobe staple that should have a place in every wardrobe. Camisoles can be used for everyday clothing, formal clothing and even nightwear or pyjamas. Historically, the world camisole was once used to describe an over shirt worn by men and women over everyday outfits. Today, “camisole” is a catch-all term used to describe under-shirts which range in style, material and price. Modern camisoles have multiple uses. They can be used for modesty, such as under shirts with sheer material that would otherwise show skin or undergarments. They can be used for aesthetics, such as ensembles with layered garments or with the addition of accents like lace, beading, jewelled accents, etc. They can also be used to add additional warmth, which is especially important in colder climates.

Many people believe the impression that there is only one type of camisole—a sleeveless tank top, usually with spaghetti straps, with plain or no details at all. But there are actually different types of camisoles and different aesthetic and practical features that can be used to suit just about any wardrobe or necessity. The following are some helpful and useful tips for buying camisoles, whether you are buying them for everyday use, a formal occasion, or to supplement your nightwear wardrobe.

Tip: Know what type of camisole you need

Why are you buying a camisole? When you know what type of camisole you need, it will make it much easier to narrow down the selection before you make a purchase. When you consider the type of camisole you might need, think about the following factors:

What clothing you will be wearing over the camisole (e.g. a sleeveless dress, a cardigan, a short-sleeved tank top with a plunging neckline, etc).

Why you need the camisole (ex: sheer shirt or dress fabric, for decoration/aesthetics, for warmth, etc).

What colour of clothing you will be wearing over the camisole (dark colours, light colours, sheer fabric/not sheer fabric, etc?).


For example: If you are buying the camisole to wear underneath a light pink summer tank-top that is slightly sheer, you should look for a camisole with straps that will not show underneath the tank top (such as spaghetti-style straps) and one with a colour that will not contrast too sharply with the tank top. Tip: Look for camisoles that will last—even if they cost a little extra.

There are plenty of camisoles to choose from if you are on a budget. However, resist the temptation to buy camisoles that are not only low in price but low in quality as well. Camisoles of a poor quality will need to be replaced more often than a camisole of better quality that is only a few dollars extra, and they often offer less warmth, are made with more sheer fabric, and tear or rip easily. For the best deals, look for quality camisoles on sale or on clearance – you can often find good camisoles on sale during the fall and winter seasons.

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