How To Clear Out and Refresh Your Wardrobe

We’re going to change direction slightly here, and focus briefly on how to own less clothes, rather than more. Stay with us here, because it’s all for a good cause – clearing out space in your wardrobe means you can have lots of fun refilling it with brand new outfits. Sometimes there are even more benefits too, and you could actually make a difference to other people’s lives depending on which option you choose.

We all run out of space or decide that our old clothes simply aren’t worth keeping any more, but there’s no need to be like an unfortunately large proportion of people who actually through their clothes out in the trash. There are several alternative methods which are way more environmentally friendly, more ethical, more profitable and more fun.

1) Sell your old clothes

One straightforward example, if you have the time, is to sell your clothes online or locally. This is ideal for higher value items that you really don’t want to get rid of for free, but you also no longer need for yourself. If you’re only hanging onto an item because it might be worth something, get in touch with the person who wants it and make the trade!

2) Swap with friends

Once you’ve established which items you can sell to get rid of them, perhaps the next phase is identifying which of your other clothes you’d prefer to trade in for something else. If you don’t immediately know of anyone who would be interested, consider attending (or arranging) an actual event where people specifically go to exchange old clothes for things they might actually wear.

3) Donate items to charity

Various items can be donated to specific appeals looking for items to pass on to people who need them most and can’t afford them. For example, you can donate recycled bras to the Your Smalls Appeal which organises sending them to young women with low incomes in Ghana. This kind of donation is efficient because your clothes go straight to the people who needs them most. Failing that, you can fill a donation bag for a charity who will sell the items for money and put those funds towards helping people in need.

4) Make something from nothing

The remaining clothes after you’ve considered the first three steps will probably be little more than scrap material at this point. That’s perfect for getting creative and putting your arts and crafts skills to the test using unusual items to make whatever your home is missing. You can design and sew your own cushions, furniture, decorations or even new clothes! That way you’ll get something completely unique at the end of the process and your old outfits can live on in their new form.

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